Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Moody’s DataHub?

A: Moody’s DataHub is the next generation in data distribution. It provides integrated data access, management, and delivery in a cloud-based platform. Explore our data, analyze it using industry standard tools, and consume it how you want, when you want. Moody’s DataHub gives you transparency and control.

Q: Is Moody’s DataHub the right delivery platform for me?

A: Moody’s DataHub is right for users who are seeking more data & tools through modernized delivery. It is right for Data Scientist and advanced desktop users who want the flexibility to explore, analyze and consume all the content that Moody’s has to offer on one seamless platform. It gives extensive control over what content you receive, when, and in what format, while providing you with a suite of analytical tools for analyzing the data as an added benefit.

Moody’s DataHub is unique. For the first time, it centralizes and connects Moody’s data on a single, cloud-based platform that can flexibly deliver content to your organization, while also equipping you with the tools you need to collaborate at the raw data level to facilitate the realization of new value creation. Moody’s DataHub empowers data scientists, analysts and engineers to produce and distribute SME and use case driven applications spanning:

• Data Pipelines
• Bespoke Data Product Development
• Analytics and Insights
• Visualization
• AI / ML model development
• Data Driven Applications

Whether you’re skilled in SQL, Python, or R, you will have instant data access using your preferred tool without having to manage any underlying infrastructure or data integration. You’ll also have access to common data, code and analytics storage, allowing you to build out advanced, multi-language data operations focused on realizing the value of your use case. All analytical tools are treated equally and are fully interoperable at the data layer. This is one of the most powerful and effective features of spaces; it allows you to use the best tool for the job based on your use case and skillset.

Q: Who can I contact for more information about the platform?

A: If you have questions specific to any of the data you see on Moody's DataHub, please reach out to

Q: Is 3rd party data available on Moody's DataHub?

A: Currently the only data that is available is Moody’s and Moody’s affiliates, as well as select open source data. If there is specific data that you would be interested in accessing via Moody’s DataHub, please provide this feedback to

Q: How do I get access to Moody’s DataHub?

A: Contact your sales representative to set up a trial or purchase a full data subscription. Complimentary trials give you 30 days to access data on Moody’s DataHub.

Q: What does a trial include?

A: Trials provide you with the opportunity to explore the various content sets that Moody’s offers, including product definitions, business glossaries, and the data itself. When you get access to the platform, you can self-activate trials for most of the datasets which will help to emphasize the interoperability of the platform and promote cross-selling opportunities.

Q: Am I able to export during a trial period?

A: During the trial period, access to trial data is read-only. In order to export data you must have a commercial subscription to the data product. Please contact us at if you would like to speak to someone about this.

Q: What happens to my access after the end of a trial period?

A: Your trial period will last for 30 days. Please reach out to your Relationship Manager directly or to discuss further.